“NGH WHT” from The Dead Emcee Scrolls Saul Williams

MTV Books, 2006 Review by Michael Scharf In 2006, Saul Williams published “NGH WHT” as the lead poem of his collection The Dead Emcee Scrolls (MTV Books). Like “The Man with the Blue Guitar,” “NGH WHT” is a serial poem in a Christological set of 33 cantos. The song form and lyric are often understood […]

Text Loses Time, Nico Vassilakis

Many Penny Press, 2007 Review by Eddie Hopely What furthermore presumes settled matter. Nico Vassilakis’ Text Loses Time is too generous, embedding visual, material, dimensional, memorial, and aural reading potentials into each corner and gesture of a page. This variety of reading lens functions as an invitation to participate in the generation of visio-textual networks […]

Breathalyzer, K. Silem Mohammad

Edge, 2008 Review by Kareem Estefan Testing the sobriety of poetry communities, message boards, and our “deer head nation” at large, K. Silem Mohammad opens his latest book with an obscure diagnosis: ‘the nuisance is staring / into words as if they were crystal’ (“Breathalyzer”). Breathalyzer presents this idle gaze from multiple perspectives, both ‘zoom[ing] […]

Death Notices, Meg Hamill

Factory School, 2007 Review by Diana Hamilton Published in 2007 by the Heretical Texts series of Factory School, Meg Hamill’s Death Notices takes on the form of the obit in both senses of the phrase: it both constrains itself to the form and confronts it head-on; most pages of the book are poetic ‘death notices’ […]

Kidnapped, Brandon Brown

Duration Press, 2007 Review by Alex Linhardt A great French poet once listed three imperishable principles: 1) The body is vulgar; 2) There is always a time for suffering; and 3) Nothing was more horrible than the Siege of Orléans. Brandon Brown’s barbarous Kidnapped judiciously amends these axioms for the modern age: 1) The body […]